Trampoline Wall

Are you looking for a top-class trampoline acrobatics act?
Then look no further! The trampoline artists of Spicy Circus are among the best there are in the trampoline wall business. They have all worked for the Cirque du Soleil, and they are true professionals.
Who doesn’t feel the need to go “up the wall” on occasion? That’s what our trampoline artists do! They literally go “up the wall” and then jump down again from a height of almost five meters – performing chases at breakneck speeds, leaps into the void, and all with incredible synchronization!
It is possible to choose between one side wall acts with a trampoline on just one side, or double side wall acts with one on either side. For smaller venues, our one side wall acts are a good choice. For larger ones, we recommend our double side wall acts.
We have trampoline equipment in both Switzerland and in Canada, so we can easily present our acts on both continents.
For the trampoline wall, you need a venue with a ceiling height of at least seven meters. We can offer alternatives, depending on the space available.
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